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2011 Florida Statutes

F.S. 333.07
333.07 Permits and variances.
(a) Any airport zoning regulations adopted under this chapter may require that a permit be obtained before any new structure or use may be constructed or established and before any existing use or structure may be substantially changed or substantially altered or repaired. In any event, however, all such regulations shall provide that before any nonconforming structure or tree may be replaced, substantially altered or repaired, rebuilt, allowed to grow higher, or replanted, a permit must be secured from the administrative agency authorized to administer and enforce the regulations, authorizing such replacement, change, or repair. No permit shall be granted that would allow the establishment or creation of an airport hazard or would permit a nonconforming structure or tree or nonconforming use to be made or become higher or to become a greater hazard to air navigation than it was when the applicable regulation was adopted or than it is when the application for a permit is made.
(b) Whenever the administrative agency determines that a nonconforming use or nonconforming structure or tree has been abandoned or is more than 80 percent torn down, destroyed, deteriorated, or decayed, no permit shall be granted that would allow said structure or tree to exceed the applicable height limit or otherwise deviate from the zoning regulations; and, whether application is made for a permit under this subsection or not, the said agency may by appropriate action, compel the owner of the nonconforming structure or tree, at his or her own expense, to lower, remove, reconstruct, or equip such object as may be necessary to conform to the regulations. If the owner of the nonconforming structure or tree shall neglect or refuse to comply with such order for 10 days after notice thereof, the said agency may report the violation to the political subdivision involved therein, which subdivision, through its appropriate agency, may proceed to have the object so lowered, removed, reconstructed, or equipped, and assess the cost and expense thereof upon the object or the land whereon it is or was located, and, unless such an assessment is paid within 90 days from the service of notice thereof on the owner or the owner’s agent, of such object or land, the sum shall be a lien on said land, and shall bear interest thereafter at the rate of 6 percent per annum until paid, and shall be collected in the same manner as taxes on real property are collected by said political subdivision, or, at the option of said political subdivision, said lien may be enforced in the manner provided for enforcement of liens by chapter 85.
(c) Except as provided herein, applications for permits shall be granted, provided the matter applied for meets the provisions of this chapter and the regulations adopted and in force hereunder.
(a) Any person desiring to erect any structure, increase the height of any structure, permit the growth of any tree, or otherwise use his or her property in violation of the airport zoning regulations adopted under this chapter or any land development regulation adopted pursuant to the provisions of chapter 163 pertaining to airport land use compatibility, may apply to the board of adjustment for a variance from the zoning regulations in question. At the time of filing the application, the applicant shall forward to the department by certified mail, return receipt requested, a copy of the application. The department shall have 45 days from receipt of the application to comment and to provide its comments or waiver of that right to the applicant and the board of adjustment. The department shall include its explanation for any objections stated in its comments. If the department fails to provide its comments within 45 days of receipt of the application, its right to comment is waived. The board of adjustment may proceed with its consideration of the application only upon the receipt of the department’s comments or waiver of that right as demonstrated by the filing of a copy of the return receipt with the board. Noncompliance with this section shall be grounds to appeal pursuant to s. 333.08 and to apply for judicial relief pursuant to s. 333.11. Such variances may only be allowed where a literal application or enforcement of the regulations would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship and where the relief granted would not be contrary to the public interest but would do substantial justice and be in accordance with the spirit of the regulations and this chapter. However, any variance may be allowed subject to any reasonable conditions that the board of adjustment may deem necessary to effectuate the purposes of this chapter.
(b) The Department of Transportation shall have the authority to appeal any variance granted under this chapter pursuant to s. 333.08, and to apply for judicial relief pursuant to s. 333.11.
(a) In granting any permit or variance under this section, the administrative agency or board of adjustment shall require the owner of the structure or tree in question to install, operate, and maintain thereon, at his or her own expense, such marking and lighting as may be necessary to indicate to aircraft pilots the presence of an obstruction.
(b) Such marking and lighting shall conform to the specific standards established by rule by the Department of Transportation.
(c) Existing structures not in compliance on October 1, 1988, shall be required to comply whenever the existing marking requires refurbishment, whenever the existing lighting requires replacement, or within 5 years of October 1, 1988, whichever occurs first.
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