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2012 Florida Statutes

Enforcement of this chapter and chapter 328.
F.S. 327.70
327.70 Enforcement of this chapter and chapter 328.
(1) This chapter and chapter 328 shall be enforced by the Division of Law Enforcement of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and its officers, the sheriffs of the various counties and their deputies, municipal police officers, and any other law enforcement officer as defined in s. 943.10, all of whom may order the removal of vessels deemed to be an interference or a hazard to public safety, enforce the provisions of this chapter and chapter 328, or cause any inspections to be made of all vessels in accordance with this chapter and chapter 328.
(2)(a) Noncriminal violations of the following statutes may be enforced by a uniform boating citation mailed to the registered owner of an unattended vessel anchored, aground, or moored on the waters of this state:
1. Section 327.33(3)(b), relating to navigation rules.
2. Section 327.44, relating to interference with navigation.
3. Section 327.50(2), relating to required lights and shapes.
4. Section 327.53, relating to marine sanitation.
5. Section 328.48(5), relating to display of decal.
6. Section 328.52(2), relating to display of number.
(b) Citations issued to livery vessels under this subsection shall be the responsibility of the lessee of the vessel if the livery has included a warning of this responsibility as a part of the rental agreement and has provided to the agency issuing the citation the name, address, and date of birth of the lessee when requested by that agency. The livery is not responsible for the payment of citations if the livery provides the required warning and lessee information.
(3) Such officers shall have the power and duty to issue such orders and to make such investigations, reports, and arrests in connection with any violation of the provisions of this chapter and chapter 328 as are necessary to effectuate the intent and purpose of this chapter and chapter 328.
(4) The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or any other law enforcement agency may make any investigation necessary to secure information required to carry out and enforce the provisions of this chapter and chapter 328.
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Note.Former s. 371.67.