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2013 Florida Statutes

F.S. 320.10
320.10 Exemptions.
(1) The provisions of s. 320.08 do not apply to:
(a) Any motor vehicle or mobile home owned by, and operated exclusively for the personal use of, any member of the United States Armed Forces who is not a resident of this state and who is stationed in the state while in compliance with military or naval orders;
(b) Any motor vehicle owned or operated exclusively by the Federal Government;
(c) Any motor vehicle owned and operated exclusively for the benefit of the Boys’ Clubs of America, the National Audubon Society, the National Children’s Cardiac Hospital, any humane society, any nationally chartered veterans’ organization that maintains a state headquarters in this state, the Children’s Bible Mission, the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America, the Salvation Army, the American National Red Cross, the United Service Organization, any local member unit of the National Urban League which provides free services to municipal and county residents who are in need of such services, the Young Men’s Christian Association, the Young Men’s Hebrew Association, the Camp Fire Girls’ Council, the Young Women’s Christian Association, the Young Women’s Hebrew Association, any local member unit of the Arc of Florida, the Children’s Home Society of Florida, or the Goodwill Industries. A not-for-profit organization named in this paragraph, and its local affiliate organizations, is eligible for the exemption if it maintains current articles of incorporation on file with the Department of State and qualifies as a not-for-profit organization under s. 212.08;
(d) Any motor vehicle owned and operated by a church, temple, or synagogue for exclusive use as a community service van or to transport passengers without compensation to religious services or for religious education;
(e) Any motor vehicle owned and operated by the Civil Air Patrol or the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary;
(f) Any mobile blood bank unit when operated as a nonprofit service by an organization;
(g) Any mobile X-ray unit or truck or bus used exclusively for public health purposes;
(h) Any school bus owned and operated by a nonprofit educational or religious corporation;
(i) Any vehicle used by any of the various search and rescue units of the several counties for exclusive use as a search and rescue vehicle; or
(j) Any motor vehicle used by a community transportation coordinator or a transportation operator as defined in part I of chapter 427, and which is used exclusively to transport transportation disadvantaged persons.
(2) Any such vehicle or mobile home, except one owned or operated exclusively by the Federal Government, shall be furnished a license plate, validation sticker, or mobile home sticker upon the proper application to the department and upon the payment of $3 to cover the cost of same. For any motor vehicle or mobile home which is exempt under paragraph (1)(a), there shall be issued a license plate, validation sticker, or mobile home sticker prescribed by s. 320.06; and for any vehicle which is exempt under paragraphs (1)(c)-(h), there shall be issued a license plate under series “X.” Vehicles exempt under this provision must be equipped with proper license plates showing such exempt status.
(3) An applicant for an exemption established by this section shall, at the time of initial issuance and at the commencement of each renewal period, furnish the department with sufficient documentary proof to establish eligibility for the requested exemption.
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