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2013 Florida Statutes

Application for license; contents.
F.S. 320.63
320.63 Application for license; contents.Any person desiring to be licensed pursuant to ss. 320.60-320.70 shall make application therefor to the department upon a form containing such information as the department requires. The department shall require, with such application or otherwise and from time to time, all of the following, which information may be considered by the department in determining the fitness of the applicant or licensee to engage in the business for which the applicant or licensee desires to be licensed:
(1) Information relating to the applicant’s or licensee’s solvency and financial standing.
(2) A certified copy of the applicant’s or licensee’s new motor vehicle warranty or warranties in any way connected with a motor vehicle or any component thereof, accompanied by a detailed explanation thereof.
(3) From each manufacturer, distributor, or importer which utilizes an identical blanket basic agreement for its dealers or distributors in this state, which agreement comprises all or any part of the applicant’s or licensee’s agreements with motor vehicle dealers in this state, a copy of the written agreement and all supplements thereto, together with a list of the applicant’s or licensee’s authorized dealers or distributors and their addresses. The applicant or licensee shall further notify the department immediately of the appointment of any additional dealer or distributor. The applicant or licensee shall annually report to the department on its efforts to add new minority dealer points, including difficulties encountered under ss. 320.61-320.70. For purposes of this section “minority” shall have the same meaning as that given it in the definition of “minority person” in s. 288.703. Not later than 60 days before the date a revision or modification to a franchise agreement is offered uniformly to a licensee’s motor vehicle dealers in this state, the licensee shall notify the department of such revision, modification, or addition to the franchise agreement on file with the department. In no event may a franchise agreement, or any addendum or supplement thereto, be offered to a motor vehicle dealer in this state until the applicant or licensee files an affidavit with the department acknowledging that the terms or provisions of the agreement, or any related document, are not inconsistent with, prohibited by, or contrary to the provisions contained in ss. 320.60-320.70. Any franchise agreement offered to a motor vehicle dealer in this state shall provide that all terms and conditions in such agreement inconsistent with the law and rules of this state are of no force and effect.
(4) A certified copy of the delivery and preparation obligations of its motor vehicle dealers.
(5) An affidavit stating the rates which the applicant or licensee pays or agrees to pay any authorized motor vehicle dealer licensed in this state for the parts and labor advanced or incurred by such authorized motor vehicle dealer for or on account of any delivery and preparation obligations imposed by the applicant or the licensee on its dealers or relating to warranty obligations which the applicant or licensee or its principle is obligated to perform.
(6) The fee for the annual license.
(7) Any other pertinent matter commensurate with the safeguarding of the public interest which the department, by rule, prescribes.
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