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2013 Florida Statutes

F.S. 320.8285
320.8285 Onsite inspection.
(1) Each county or municipality in this state shall be responsible for the onsite inspection of each mobile home installation located within the jurisdiction of such entity. The onsite inspection shall ensure compliance with the department’s uniform installation standards set forth in this chapter and in department rules.
(2) Each county or municipality may designate the persons who are to perform the onsite inspection. If a county or municipality does not so designate, the department shall designate the persons who are to perform the onsite inspection. A person may not be designated to perform onsite inspections unless that person is competent in the area of mobile home installation.
(3) The county or municipality issuing a permit for the installation of a mobile home shall issue such permit only to a licensed mobile home installer or to a licensed mobile home dealer or manufactured home owner if the dealer or owner demonstrates on the face of the application that a licensed installer will be performing the actual work. In the case of issuance to an owner, the permit must reflect the name and the license number of the licensed installer performing the work.
(4) Pursuant to the onsite inspection, each mobile home shall be issued a certificate of occupancy if the mobile home complies with department rules regarding the installation of mobile homes.
(5) Fees for onsite inspections and certificates of occupancy of mobile homes shall be reasonable for the services performed. A guideline for fee schedules shall be issued by the department.
(6) The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shall enforce every provision of this section and the rules adopted pursuant hereto, except that local land use and zoning requirements, fire zones, building setback and side and rear yard requirements, site development and property line requirements, subdivision control, and onsite installation inspection requirements, as well as review and regulation of architectural and aesthetic requirements, are hereby specifically and entirely reserved to local jurisdictions. However, any architectural or aesthetic requirement imposed on the mobile home structure itself may pertain only to roofing and siding materials. Such local requirements and regulations for manufactured homes must be reasonable, uniformly applied, and enforced without distinctions as to whether such housing is manufactured, located in a mobile home park or a mobile home subdivision, or built in a conventional manner. No local jurisdiction shall prohibit siting or resiting of used mobile homes based solely on the date the unit was manufactured.
(7) Park trailers are subject to inspection in the same manner as are mobile homes pursuant to this section.
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