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2013 Florida Statutes

Service charges and filing fees in probate matters.
F.S. 28.2401
28.2401 Service charges and filing fees in probate matters.
(1) Except when otherwise provided, the clerk may impose service charges or filing fees for the following services or filings, not to exceed the following amounts:
(a) Fee for the opening of any estate of one document or more, including, but not limited to, petitions and orders to approve settlement of minor’s claims; to open a safe-deposit box; to enter rooms and places; for the determination of heirs, if not formal administration; and for a foreign guardian to manage property of a nonresident; but not to include issuance of letters or order of summary administration..........$230
(b) Charge for caveat..........$40
(c) Fee for petition and order to admit foreign wills, authenticated copies, exemplified copies, or transcript to record..........$230
(d) Fee for disposition of personal property without administration..........$230
(e) Fee for summary administrationestates valued at $1,000 or more..........$340
(f) Fee for summary administrationestates valued at less than $1,000..........$230
(g) Fee for formal administration, guardianship, ancillary, curatorship, or conservatorship proceedings..........$395
(h) Fee for guardianship proceedings of person only..........$230
(i) Fee for veterans’ guardianship pursuant to chapter 744..........$230
(j) Charge for exemplified certificates..........$7
(k) Fee for petition for determination of incompetency..........$230

The clerk shall remit $115 of each filing fee collected under paragraphs (a), (c)-(i), and (k) to the Department of Revenue for deposit into the State Courts Revenue Trust Fund.

(2) Upon application by the clerk and a showing of extraordinary circumstances, the service charges or filing fees set forth in this section may be increased in an individual matter by order of the circuit court before which the matter is pending, to more adequately compensate for the services performed or filings made.
(3) An additional service charge of $4 on petitions seeking summary administration, formal administration, ancillary administration, guardianship, curatorship, and conservatorship shall be paid to the clerk. The clerk shall transfer $3.50 to the Department of Revenue for deposit into the Court Education Trust Fund and shall transfer 50 cents to the Department of Revenue for deposit into the Department of Financial Services’ Administrative Trust Fund to fund clerk education. No additional fees, charges, or costs shall be added to the service charges or filing fees imposed under this section, except as authorized by general law.
(4) Recording shall be required for all petitions opening and closing an estate; petitions regarding real estate; and orders, letters, bonds, oaths, wills, proofs of wills, returns, and such other papers as the judge shall deem advisable to record or that shall be required to be recorded under the Florida Probate Code.
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Note.Former s. 36.17.