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2013 Florida Statutes

F.S. 719.403
719.403 Phase cooperatives.
(1) A developer may develop a cooperative in phases, if the original cooperative documents or an amendment to the cooperative documents approved by the unit owners and unit mortgagees provides for and describes in detail all anticipated phases, the impact, if any, which the completion of subsequent phases would have upon the initial phase, and the time period within which all phases must be added to the cooperative and must comply with the requirements of this section or the right to add additional phases shall expire.
(2) The original cooperative documents shall describe:
(a) The land which may become part of the cooperative and the land on which each phase is to be built. The descriptions shall include metes and bounds or other legal descriptions of the land for each phase, plot plans, and surveys. Plot plans, attached as an exhibit, must show the approximate location of all existing and proposed buildings and improvements that may ultimately be contained within the cooperative. The plot plan may be modified by the developer as to unit or building types to the extent that such changes are described in the cooperative documents. If provided in the cooperative documents, the developer may make nonmaterial changes in the legal description of a phase.
(b) The minimum and maximum number and general size of units to be included in each phase. The general size may be expressed in terms of minimum and maximum square feet. In stating the minimum and maximum number of units, the difference between the minimum and maximum numbers shall not be greater than 20 percent of the maximum.
(c) Each unit’s percentage ownership in the common areas as each phase is added. In lieu of specific percentages, a formula for reallocating each unit’s proportion or percentage of ownership in the common areas and manner of sharing common expenses and owning common surplus as additional units are added to the cooperative by the addition of any land may be described. The basis for allocating percentage ownership of units in phases added shall be consistent with the basis for allocation made among the units originally in the cooperative.
(d) The recreation areas and facilities to be owned as common areas by all unit owners and all personal property to be provided as each phase is added to the cooperative, and those facilities or areas which may not be built or provided if any phase or phases are not developed and added as a part of the cooperative. The developer may reserve the right to add additional common area recreational facilities if the original cooperative documents contain a description of each type of facility and its proposed location. The cooperative documents shall set forth the circumstances under which such facilities will be added.
(e) The membership vote and ownership in the association attributable to each unit in each phase and the results if any phase or phases are not developed and added as a part of the cooperative.
(f) Whether or not timeshare estates will or may be created with respect to units in any phase and, if so, the degree, quantity, nature, and extent of such estates, specifying the minimum duration of the recurring periods of rights of use, possession, or occupancy that may be established with respect to any unit.
(3) The developer shall notify owners of existing units of the commencement of, or the decision not to add, one or more additional phases. Notice shall be by certified mail addressed to each owner at the address of the owner’s unit or at his or her last known address.
(4) If one or more phases are not built, the units which are built are entitled to 100 percent ownership of all common areas within the phases actually developed and added as a part of the cooperative.
(5) If the cooperative documents require the developer to convey any additional lands or facilities to the cooperative after the completion of the first phase and the developer fails to do so within the time specified, or within a reasonable time if none is specified, then any owner of a unit or the association may enforce such obligations against the developer or bring an action against the developer for damages caused by the developer’s failure to convey to the association such additional lands or facilities.
(6) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, any amendments by the developer adding any land to the cooperative shall be consistent with the provisions of the cooperative documents granting such right and shall contain or provide for the following matters:
(a) The legal description of the land being added to the cooperative.
(b) An identification by letter, name, or number, or a combination thereof, of each unit within the land added to the cooperative, to ensure that no unit in the cooperative, including the additional land, will bear the same designation as any other unit.
(c) A survey of the additional land and graphic description of the improvements in which any units are located and a plot plan thereof, and a certificate of surveyor, in conformance with 1s. 719.1035(4)(e).
(d) The undivided share in the common areas appurtenant to each unit in the cooperative stated as percentages or fractions which, in the aggregate, must equal the whole and must be determined in conformance with the manner of allocation set forth in the original cooperative documents.
(e) The proportions or percentages and the manner of sharing common expenses and owning common surplus which for residential units must be the same as the undivided share in the common areas. Amendments adding phases to a cooperative shall not require the execution of such amendments or consents thereto by unit owners other than the developer, unless the amendment permits the creation of timeshare estates in any unit of the additional phase of the condominium and such creation is not authorized by the original declaration.
(7) Upon recording the cooperative documents or amendments adding phases pursuant to this section, the developer or association shall file the recording information with the division within 30 working days on a form prescribed by the division.
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1Note.Section 719.1035, as amended by s. 6, ch. 99-382, does not have a subsection (4).