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2013 Florida Statutes

F.S. 985.25
985.25 Detention intake.
(1) The juvenile probation officer shall receive custody of a child who has been taken into custody from the law enforcement agency and shall review the facts in the law enforcement report or probable cause affidavit and make such further inquiry as may be necessary to determine whether detention care is required.
(a) During the period of time from the taking of the child into custody to the date of the detention hearing, the initial decision as to the child’s placement into secure detention care, nonsecure detention care, or home detention care shall be made by the juvenile probation officer under ss. 985.24 and 985.245(1).
(b) The juvenile probation officer shall base the decision whether or not to place the child into secure detention care, home detention care, or nonsecure detention care on an assessment of risk in accordance with the risk assessment instrument and procedures developed by the department under s. 985.245. However, a child charged with possessing or discharging a firearm on school property in violation of s. 790.115 shall be placed in secure detention care.
(c) If the juvenile probation officer determines that a child who is eligible for detention based upon the results of the risk assessment instrument should be released, the juvenile probation officer shall contact the state attorney, who may authorize release. If detention is not authorized, the child may be released by the juvenile probation officer in accordance with ss. 985.115 and 985.13.

Under no circumstances shall the juvenile probation officer or the state attorney or law enforcement officer authorize the detention of any child in a jail or other facility intended or used for the detention of adults, without an order of the court.

(2) The arresting law enforcement agency shall complete and present its investigation of an offense to the appropriate state attorney’s office within 8 days after placement of the child in secure detention. The investigation shall include, but is not limited to, police reports and supplemental police reports, witness statements, and evidence collection documents. The failure of a law enforcement agency to complete and present its investigation within 8 days shall not entitle a juvenile to be released from secure detention or to a dismissal of any charges.
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Note.Subsection (1) former s. 39.044(1); s. 985.215(1). Subsection (2) former s. 985.215(5)(b).