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2017 Florida Statutes

Collateral for public deposits; general provisions.
F.S. 280.04
280.04 Collateral for public deposits; general provisions.
(1) The Chief Financial Officer shall determine the collateral requirements and collateral-pledging level for each qualified public depository following procedures established by rule. These procedures must include numerical parameters for 25-percent, 50-percent, 110-percent, and 150-percent pledge levels based on nationally recognized financial rating services information and established financial performance guidelines.
(2) A qualified public depository may not accept or retain any public deposit required to be secured unless it deposits with the Chief Financial Officer eligible collateral at least equal to the greater of:
(a) The average daily balance of public deposits that does not exceed the lesser of its tangible equity capital or 20 percent of the pool figure multiplied by the depository’s collateral-pledging level, plus the greater of:
1. One hundred ten percent of the average daily balance of public deposits in excess of its tangible equity capital; or
2. One hundred ten percent of the average daily balance of public deposits in excess of 20 percent of the pool figure.
(b) Twenty-five percent of the average monthly balance of public deposits.
(c) One hundred ten percent of the average daily balance of public deposits if the qualified public depository:
1. Has been established for less than 3 years;
2. Has experienced material decreases in its tangible equity capital; or
3. Has an overall financial condition that is materially deteriorating.
(d) One hundred fifty percent of an established maximum amount of public deposits which has been mutually agreed upon by and between the Chief Financial Officer and the qualified public depository.
(e) Minimum required collateral of $100,000.
(f) An amount as required in special instructions from the Chief Financial Officer to protect the integrity of the public deposits program.
(3) Each qualified public depository shall report its required collateral on the monthly report required in s. 280.16 and simultaneously pledge, deposit, or issue eligible collateral needed.
(4) Additional collateral is required within 2 business days if public deposits are accepted that would increase the qualified public depository’s average daily balance for the current month by 25 percent over the average daily balance of the previously reported month.
(5) Additional collateral of 20 percent of required collateral is necessary if a valuation date other than the close of business as described below has been approved for the qualified public depository and the required collateral is found to be insufficient based on the Chief Financial Officer’s valuation.
(6) Each qualified public depository shall value its collateral in the following manner; it must:
(a) Use a nationally recognized source.
(b) Use market price, quality ratings, and pay-down factors as of the close of business on the last banking day in the reported month, or as of a date approved by the Chief Financial Officer.
(c) Report any material decline in value that occurs before the date of mailing the monthly report, required in s. 280.16, to the Chief Financial Officer.
(d) Use 100 percent of the maximum amount available under Federal Home Loan Bank letters of credit as market value.
(7) A qualified public depository shall pledge, deposit, or issue additional eligible collateral between filing periods of the monthly report required in s. 280.16 when notified by the Chief Financial Officer that current market value of collateral does not meet required collateral. The pledge, deposit, or issuance of such additional collateral shall be made within 2 business days after the Chief Financial Officer’s notification.
(8) A qualified public depository may be required to return public deposits to governmental units and be suspended or disqualified or subjected to administrative penalty as provided in s. 280.051 or s. 280.054 for failure to meet required collateral.
(9) The Chief Financial Officer shall adopt rules for the establishment of collateral requirements, collateral pledging levels, required collateral calculations, and market value and clarifying terms.
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