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2018 Florida Statutes

Refusal to grant, or suspension or revocation of, license.
F.S. 604.25
604.25 Refusal to grant, or suspension or revocation of, license.
(1) The department may decline to grant a license or may suspend or revoke a license already granted if the applicant or licensee has:
(a) Suffered a monetary judgment entered against the applicant or licensee upon which execution has been returned unsatisfied;
(b) Made false charges for handling or services rendered;
(c) Failed to account promptly and properly or to make settlements with any producer;
(d) Made any false statement or statements as to condition, quality, or quantity of goods received or held for sale when the true condition, quality, or quantity could have been ascertained by reasonable inspection;
(e) Made any false or misleading statement or statements as to market conditions or service rendered;
(f) Been guilty of a fraud in the attempt to procure, or the procurement of, a license;
(g) Directly or indirectly sold agricultural products received on consignment or on a net return basis for her or his own account, without prior authority from the producer consigning the same, or without notifying such producer;
(h) Employed in a responsible position a person, or an officer of a corporation, who has failed to fully comply with an order of the department at any time within 1 year after issuance;
(i) Violated any statute or rule relating to the purchase or sale of any agricultural product, whether or not such transaction is subject to the provisions of this chapter; or
(j) Failed to submit to the department an application, appropriate license fees, and an acceptable surety bond or certificate of deposit.
(2) If a licensee fails or refuses to comply in full with an order of the department, her or his license may be suspended or revoked, in which case she or he shall not be eligible for license for a period of 1 year or until she or he has fully complied with the order of the department.
(3) No person, or officer of a corporation, whose license has been suspended or revoked for failure to comply with an order of the department may hold a responsible position with a licensee for a period of 1 year or until the order of the department has been fully complied with.
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