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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 11.2423
11.2423 Laws or statutes not repealed.
(1) No special or local statute, or statute, local, limited or special in its nature, shall be repealed by the Florida Statutes, now or hereafter adopted, and, for the purpose of this saving from repeal any statute of the following classes shall be taken to be included in such exception, namely:
(a) Any statutes for or concerning only a certain county or certain designated counties.
(b) Any statute for, or concerning or operative in only a portion of the state.
(c) Any statute for or concerning only a certain municipal corporation.
(d) Any statute for or concerning only a designated individual corporation or corporations.
(e) Any statute incorporating a designated individual corporation, or making a grant thereto.
(f) Any statute of such limited or local application as makes its inclusion in a general statute impracticable or undesirable.
(g) Road designation laws.
(h) Severability section in any law.
(i) Any act of the Legislature declaring a trust fund to be exempt from termination pursuant to s. 19(f), Art. III of the State Constitution.
(2) The foregoing enumeration of classes of statutes not repealed shall not be construed to imply a repeal of other statutes which are local, limited or special in their nature.
History.s. 3, ch. 20719, 1941; s. 3, ch. 22000, 1943; s. 3, ch. 22858, 1945; s. 3, ch. 24337, 1947; s. 3, ch. 25035, 1949; s. 3, ch. 26484, 1951; s. 3, ch. 27991, 1953; s. 3, ch. 59-1; s. 3, ch. 77-104; s. 5, ch. 99-205; s. 4, ch. 99-243.
Note.Former s. 16.21.