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2020 Florida Statutes

Jurisdiction over such lands; how ceded to the United States.
F.S. 6.04
6.04 Jurisdiction over such lands; how ceded to the United States.Whenever the United States shall contract for, purchase, or acquire any land within the limits of this state for the purposes aforesaid, in either of the modes above mentioned and provided, or shall hold for such purposes lands heretofore lawfully acquired or reserved therefor, and shall desire to acquire constitutional jurisdiction over such lands for said purposes, the Governor of this state may, upon application made to him or her in writing on behalf of the United States for that purpose, accompanied by the proper evidence of said reservation, purchase, contract, or acquisition of record, describing the land sought to be ceded by convenient metes and bounds, thereupon, in the name and on behalf of this state, cede to the United States exclusive jurisdiction over the land so reserved, purchased, or acquired and sought to be ceded; the United States to hold, use, occupy, own, possess, and exercise said jurisdiction over the same for the purposes aforesaid, and none other whatsoever; provided, always, that the consent aforesaid is hereby given and the cession aforesaid is to be granted and made as aforesaid, upon the express condition that this state shall retain a concurrent jurisdiction with the United States in and over the land or lands so to be ceded, and every portion thereof, so far that all process, civil or criminal, issuing under authority of this state, or of any of the courts or judicial officers thereof may be executed by the proper officers thereof, upon any person amenable to the same, within the limits and extent of lands so ceded, in like manner and to like effect as if this law had never been passed; saving, however, to the United States security to their property within said limits and extent, and exemption of the same, and of said lands from any taxation under the authority of this state while the same shall continue to be owned, held, used, and occupied by the United States for the purposes above expressed and intended, and not otherwise.
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