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2020 Florida Statutes

Transfer of title and jurisdiction over land owned by state.
F.S. 6.05
6.05 Transfer of title and jurisdiction over land owned by state.Whenever a tract of land containing not more than 4 acres shall be selected by an authorized officer or agent of the United States for the bona fide purpose of erecting thereon a lighthouse, beacon, marine hospital, or other public work, and the title to the said land shall be held by the state, then on application by the said officer or agent to the Governor of this state, the said executive may transfer to the United States the title to, and jurisdiction over, said land; provided, always, that the said transfer of title and jurisdiction is to be granted and made, as aforesaid, upon the express condition that this state shall retain a concurrent jurisdiction with the United States, in and over the lands so to be transferred, and every portion thereof, so far that all process, civil or criminal, issuing under authority of this state, or any of the courts or judicial officers thereof, may be executed by the proper officer thereof, upon any person amenable to the same, within the limits and extent of the lands so ceded, in like manner and to like effect as if this law had never been passed; saving, however, to the United States, security to their property within said limits or extent. The said lands shall hereafter remain the property of the United States and be exempt from taxation as long as they shall be needed for said purposes. 1, 2, ch. 630, 1855; RS 10; GS 8; RGS 8; CGL 8.