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2020 Florida Statutes

Non-ad valorem assessments; general provisions.
F.S. 197.3631
197.3631 Non-ad valorem assessments; general provisions.
(1) Non-ad valorem assessments as defined in s. 197.3632 may be collected pursuant to the method provided for in ss. 197.3632 and 197.3635. Non-ad valorem assessments may also be collected pursuant to any alternative method which is authorized by law, but such alternative method shall not require the tax collector or property appraiser to perform those services as provided for in ss. 197.3632 and 197.3635. However, a property appraiser or tax collector may contract with a local government to supply information and services necessary for any such alternative method. Section 197.3632 is additional authority for local governments to impose and collect non-ad valorem assessments supplemental to the home rule powers pursuant to ss. 125.01 and 166.021 and chapter 170, or any other law. Any county operating under a charter adopted pursuant to s. 11, Art. VIII of the Constitution of 1885, as amended, as referred to in s. 6(e), Art. VIII of the Constitution of 1968, as amended, may use any method authorized by law for imposing and collecting non-ad valorem assessments.
(2) For non-ad valorem special assessments based on the size or area of the land containing a multiple parcel building, regardless of ownership, the special assessment must be levied on and allocated among all the parcels in the multiple parcel building on the same basis that the land value is allocated among the parcels in s. 193.0237(3). For non-ad valorem assessments not based on the size or area of the land, each parcel in the multiple parcel building shall be subject to a separate assessment. For purposes of this subsection, the terms “multiple parcel building” and “parcel” have the meanings as provided in s. 193.0237(1).
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