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The Florida Senate

2020 Florida Statutes

Expenditure of tobacco settlement proceeds.
F.S. 569.21
569.21 Expenditure of tobacco settlement proceeds.The following guidelines shall be applied to the expenditure of all funds paid to the State of Florida as a result of litigation entitled State of Florida et al. v. American Tobacco Company et al., No. 95-1466AH, in the Circuit Court of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, in and for Palm Beach County:
(1) The Legislature asserts its rights to appropriate all funds paid or payable to the state through the tobacco settlement. Before any funds are released, the Legislature must approve all program and funding proposals.
(2) A trust fund should be created solely for the purpose of receiving and managing settlement funds, and a full and complete record of all budget and expenditure actions should be maintained.
(3) Administrative costs associated with programs and providers that receive funds from the tobacco settlement should be set at a reasonable level, consistent with best management practices.
(4) Local law enforcement agencies, businesses, and school districts should be involved in enforcement efforts as appropriate to the mission of each organization.
(5) Funds received from the tobacco settlement may not be used for advertising that includes the name, voice, or likeness of any elected or appointed public official.
(6) Greater emphasis should be placed on funding education, training, and enforcement programs than is placed on the funding of advertising.
(7) County health departments must administer funds provided to each local coalition that is not specifically granted an exemption by the Legislature. Exemptions from requirements to administer coalition programs by county health departments shall be limited to established administrative entities that meet a test of several criteria established by the Department of Health and may not include provider agencies that could receive funding from the settlement.
(8) Programs which raise matching funds should be maximized in order to get the greatest leverage of state funds.
(9) Grant and contract processes should be competitive and objective.
(10) Requests for information or for proposals should emphasize that performance measures will be required for all contracts and grants.
(11) A substantial portion of the program should be character-based and focused on rewarding appropriate values and behavior in youth.
(12) Needs of the minority youth community in this state should be addressed.
History.s. 2, ch. 98-63.