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2020 Florida Statutes

Small quantity generator notification and verification program.
F.S. 403.7234
403.7234 Small quantity generator notification and verification program.
(1) Each county shall notify, according to guidelines established under s. 403.7226, each small quantity generator identified on its assessment roll, during the first year of the local hazardous waste management assessment. Annually thereafter, the county shall notify each small quantity generator not notified previously. The notification of small quantity generators shall:
(a) Detail the legal responsibilities of the small quantity generator with regard to proper waste management practices, including penalties for noncompliance.
(b) Include a list of hazardous waste management alternatives and waste reduction opportunities which are available to the small quantity generator.
(2) Alternatively, a county may perform this notification either through the mail or during the annual business licensing of new or existing facilities that potentially may generate hazardous waste.
(3) Counties shall collect information on the types, amounts, and management of waste generated by small quantity generators according to guidelines established under s. 403.7226.
(4) Within 30 days of receipt of a notification, which includes a survey form, a small quantity generator shall disclose its management practices and the types and quantities of waste to the county government. Annually, each county shall verify the management practices of at least 20 percent of its small quantity generators. The procedure for verification used by the county shall be developed as part of the guidance established by the department under s. 403.7226. The department may also regulate the waste management practices of small quantity generators in order to ensure proper management of hazardous waste in a manner consistent with federal requirements, except as provided under s. 403.804(2).
(5) Any small quantity generator who does not comply with the requirements of subsection (4) and who has received a notification and survey in person or through one certified letter from the county is subject to a fine of between $75 and $150 per day for a maximum of 100 days. The county may collect such fines and deposit them in its general revenue fund. Fines collected by the county shall be used to carry out the notification and verification procedure established in this section. If there are excess funds after the notification and verification procedures have been completed, such funds shall be used for hazardous and solid waste management purposes only.
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