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The Florida Senate

Minority Office — Press Release


April 6, 2022

CONTACT: Julie Fishman, 954-461-1311


Broward County —

"Appointed by President Obama in 2012, Federal District Court Judge Mark E. Walker issued a 288-page order that ruled the Florida Voting Law as racially motivated and unconstitutional. Republicans did not see this coming, but this act of conscious and humanity is long overdue! SB 90 is a rendition of “voter suppression rights.” It is unacceptable in our democratic nation, and we will fight it fervently. SB 90 is a contentious voting bill designed to implement burdensome voting restrictions to gain dominion and control over ballots to disproportionately suppress voters of color.  

Over 500,000 Black voters cast mail-in ballots in 2020, twice as many in 2016 and 2018. This scheme was established by the Republicans to secure an electoral advantage over Democrats, who tend to have a higher minority vote ratio. SB 90 is robbery with a fountain pen, stealing the choice and voting right of the American people. Judge Walker exercised the power of his gavel, and we are grateful for his preclearance restriction on Florida’s racially discriminatory voting law designed to steal elections and strip voters of their lawful rights. 

Why is it a crime to provide food or water to a voter standing in 80-degree heat who is exercising their constitutional right to VOTE? Grave concerns are on the horizon for SB 90 and its subtle tactics to criminalize voters who lack reliable transportation, or unable to break from work to vote in person.

SB 90’s requirement to provide last four digits of social for a mail in ballot is an absolute unnecessary and invasive request. These unjustified, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on voters are a ‘recipe for disaster.'

Florida lawmakers were aware of the Voting Law and the negative impact it would impose on Black voters before it was passed, but they passed it anyway, reiterating Florida’s grotesque history of racial discrimination. This ought to be the last time that history repeats itself. Voting is an American Civil Right, one of the most important rights of the American people, and this right shall not be misappropriated under any circumstances. 

When it’s unconstitutional STRIKE IT DOWN! I join the NAACP’s celebration of this ruling."