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2010 Florida Statutes

Term of adoption for instructional materials.
F.S. 1006.36

Term of adoption for instructional materials.


The term of adoption of any instructional materials must be a 6-year period beginning on April 1 following the adoption, except that the commissioner may approve terms of adoption of less than 6 years for materials in content areas which require more frequent revision. Any contract for instructional materials may be extended as prescribed in s. 1006.34(3).


The department shall publish annually an official schedule of subject areas to be called for adoption for each of the succeeding 2 years, and a tentative schedule for years 3, 4, 5, and 6. If extenuating circumstances warrant, the commissioner may order the department to add one or more subject areas to the official schedule, in which event the commissioner shall develop criteria for such additional subject area or areas and make them available to publishers as soon as practicable before the date on which bids are due. The schedule shall be developed so as to promote balance among the subject areas so that the required expenditure for new instructional materials is approximately the same each year in order to maintain curricular consistency.


s. 311, ch. 2002-387.