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The Florida Senate

2011 Florida Statutes

Provision of information to students and parents regarding school-to-work transition.
F.S. 1006.02
1006.02 Provision of information to students and parents regarding school-to-work transition.
(1) All public K-12 schools shall document the manner in which they have prepared students to enter the workforce, including information regarding the provision of accurate, timely career and curricular counseling to students. This information shall include a delineation of available career opportunities, educational requirements associated with each career, educational institutions that prepare students to enter each career, and student financial aid available to enable students to pursue any postsecondary instruction required to enter that career. This information shall also delineate school procedures for identifying individual student interests and aptitudes which enable students to make informed decisions about the curriculum that best addresses their individual interests and aptitudes while preparing them to enroll in postsecondary education and enter the workforce. This information shall include recommended high school coursework that prepares students for success in college-level work. The information shall be made known to parents and students annually through inclusion in the school’s handbook, manual, or similar documents or other communications regularly provided to parents and students.
(2) The information required by this section shall delineate the availability of applied instruction that uses concrete, real-world examples to elicit demonstrated student competence comparable to the student performance standards delineated for corresponding traditional college-preparatory courses, and shall also delineate the support services available for students who need assistance to successfully complete instruction necessary to enroll in postsecondary education or enter the workforce.
(3) The information required by this section shall delineate the availability of instruction that enables students to acquire the technical skills associated with specific clusters of occupations as well as employability skills that apply to most occupations, and shall describe and identify the availability of workplace-based learning experiences. Any school that conducts secondary career education programs shall identify any agreements through which each program articulates into corresponding postsecondary programs.
(4) Prior to each student’s graduation from high school, the school shall assess the student’s preparation to enter the workforce, in accordance with the commissioner’s identification of the employability skills associated with successful entry into the workforce, and shall provide the student and the student’s parent or guardian with the results of this assessment.
History.s. 266, ch. 2002-387.