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2013 Florida Statutes

F.S. 380.065
380.065 Certification of local government review of development.
(1) By petition to the Administration Commission, a local government may request certification to review developments of regional impact that are located within the jurisdiction in lieu of the regional review requirements set forth in s. 380.06. Such petitions shall not be accepted by the commission until the state comprehensive plan and the strategic regional policy plan have been adopted pursuant to chapter 186. Once certified, the development-of-regional-impact provisions of s. 380.06 shall not be applicable within such jurisdiction.
(2) When a petition is filed, the state land planning agency shall have no more than 90 days to prepare and submit to the Administration Commission a report and recommendations on the proposed certification. In deciding whether to grant certification, the Administration Commission shall determine whether the following criteria are being met:
(a) The petitioning local government has adopted and effectively implemented a local comprehensive plan and development regulations which comply with ss. 163.3161-163.3215, the Community Planning Act.
(b) The local government’s comprehensive plan is consistent with the adopted state comprehensive plan and adopted strategic regional policy plans applicable to the local governmental jurisdiction.
(c) The local government has adopted land development regulations and a capital improvements program which are consistent with and effectively implement the local comprehensive plan and which provide that no development order may be approved until adequate provision has been made for the services and infrastructure necessary to support the development.
(d) The local government has authority for, and has established an effective mechanism for, resolving greater-than-local impacts of developments.
(e) The local government comprehensive plan provides for effective intergovernmental coordination, including a method to address any significant incompatibilities between and among local government comprehensive plans where implementation of such incompatible plan would result in a substantial adverse effect on the citizens of another local government.
(f) The local government has adopted procedures which permit orderly local citizen participation in at least one public hearing held during the local government review process.
(g) The local government has adequate review procedures and the financial and staffing resources necessary to assume responsibility for adequate review of developments.
(h) The local government has a record of effectively monitoring and enforcing compliance with development orders, permits, and this chapter.
(3) Development orders issued pursuant to this section are subject to the provisions of s. 380.07; however, a certified local government’s findings of fact and conclusions of law are presumed to be correct on appeal. The grounds for appeal of a development order issued by a certified local government under this section shall be limited to:
(a) Inconsistency with the local government’s comprehensive plan or land use regulations.
(b) Inconsistency with the state comprehensive plan.
(c) Inconsistency with any regional standard or policy identified in an adopted strategic regional policy plan for use in reviewing a development of regional impact.
(d) Whether the public facilities meet or exceed the standards established in the capital improvements plan required by s. 163.3177 and will be available when needed for the proposed development, or that development orders and permits are conditioned on the availability of the public facilities necessary to serve the proposed development. Such development orders and permit conditions shall not allow a reduction in the level of service for affected regional public facilities below the level of services provided in the adopted strategic regional policy plan.
(4) After a local government has been certified to conduct development-of-regional-impact review, that review responsibility may be revoked by the Administration Commission upon a determination, subject to the provisions of ss. 120.569 and 120.57, that one or more of the criteria specified in subsection (2) are not being met.
(5) Upon revocation of certification, developments of regional impact shall be reviewed by the regional planning agency designated development-of-regional-impact review responsibilities for the region in which the local government is located, pursuant to s. 380.06.
(6) The Administration Commission shall adopt rules to implement this section.
(7) A county may petition to conduct development-of-regional-impact review within a municipality if approved by the municipality or so provided in the county charter or a special act.
(8) Nothing contained herein shall abridge or modify any vested or other rights or any obligations pursuant to any development order which are now applicable to developments of regional impact.
(9) A development of regional impact with pending applications for development approval may elect to continue such review pursuant to s. 380.06.
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