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2019 Florida Statutes

Low-energy use design; solar energy systems; swimming pool heaters.
F.S. 1013.44
1013.44 Low-energy use design; solar energy systems; swimming pool heaters.
(1)(a) Passive design elements and low-energy usage features shall be included in the design and construction of new educational facilities. Operable glazing consisting of at least 5 percent of the floor area shall be placed in each classroom located on the perimeter of the building. For a relocatable classroom, the area of operable glazing and the area of exterior doors, together, shall consist of at least 5 percent of the floor area. Operable glazing is not required in Florida College System institutions, auxiliary facilities, music rooms, gyms, locker and shower rooms, special laboratories requiring special climate control, and large group instruction areas having a capacity of more than 100 persons.
(b) In the remodeling and renovation of educational facilities which have existing natural ventilation, adequate sources of natural ventilation shall be retained, or a combination of natural and low-energy usage mechanical equipment shall be provided that will permit the use of the facility without air-conditioning or heat when ambient conditions are moderate. However, the Commissioner of Education is authorized to waive this requirement when environmental conditions, particularly noise and pollution factors, preclude the effective use of natural ventilation.
(2) Each new educational facility for which the projected demand for hot water exceeds 1,000 gallons a day shall be constructed, whenever economically and physically feasible, with a solar energy system as the primary energy source for the domestic hot water system of the facility. The solar energy system shall be sized so as to provide at least 65 percent of the estimated needs of the facility. Sizing shall be determined by generally recognized simulation models, such as F-chart and SOLCOST, or by sizing tables generated by the Florida Solar Energy Center.
(3) If swimming and wading pools constructed as an integral part of an educational facility or plant are heated, such pools shall, whenever feasible, be heated by either a waste heat recovery system or a solar energy system.
History.s. 843, ch. 2002-387; s. 215, ch. 2011-5.