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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 468.392
468.392 Auctioneer Recovery Fund.There is created the Auctioneer Recovery Fund as a separate account in the Professional Regulation Trust Fund. The fund shall be administered by the Florida Board of Auctioneers.
(1) The Chief Financial Officer shall invest the money not currently needed to meet the obligations of the fund in the same manner as other public funds may be invested. Interest that accrues from these investments shall be deposited to the credit of the Auctioneer Recovery Fund and shall be available for the same purposes as other moneys deposited in the Auctioneer Recovery Fund.
(2) All payments and disbursements from the Auctioneer Recovery Fund shall be made by the Chief Financial Officer upon a voucher signed by the Secretary of Business and Professional Regulation or the secretary’s designee.
(3) If at any time the moneys in the Auctioneer Recovery Fund are insufficient to satisfy any valid claim or portion thereof, the board shall satisfy such unpaid claim or portion thereof as soon as a sufficient amount has been deposited in or transferred to the fund. When there is more than one unsatisfied claim outstanding, such claims shall be paid in the order in which the claims were made.
(4) Upon the payment of any amount from the Auctioneer Recovery Fund in settlement of a claim in satisfaction of a judgment against an auctioneer or auction business as described in s. 468.395, the license of such auctioneer or auction business shall be automatically suspended until the licensee has complied with s. 468.398. A discharge of bankruptcy shall not relieve a person from the penalties and disabilities provided in this section.
(5) Moneys in the fund at the end of a fiscal year shall be retained in the fund and shall accrue for the benefit of auctioneers and auction businesses. When the fund exceeds the amount as set forth in s. 468.393(2), all surcharges shall be suspended until such time as the fund is reduced below the amount as set forth in s. 468.393(3). 8, 17, ch. 91-207; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 139, ch. 94-218; s. 16, ch. 2000-356; s. 502, ch. 2003-261; s. 54, ch. 2005-152.