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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 487.0435
487.0435 License classification.The department shall issue certified applicator licenses in the following classifications: certified public applicator; certified private applicator; and certified commercial applicator. In addition, separate classifications and subclassifications may be specified by the department in rule as deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of this part. Each classification shall be subject to requirements or testing procedures to be set forth by rule of the department and shall be restricted to the activities within the scope of the respective classification as established in statute or by rule. In specifying classifications, the department may consider, but is not limited to, the following:
(1) Whether the license sought is for commercial, public, or private applicator status.
(2) The method of applying the restricted-use pesticide.
(3) The specific crops upon which restricted-use pesticides are applied.
(4) The proximity of populated areas to the land upon which restricted-use pesticides are applied.
(5) The acreage under the control of the licensee.
(6) The pounds of technical restricted toxicant applied per acre per year by the licensee. 7, 37, ch. 92-115; s. 8, ch. 94-233; s. 14, ch. 2000-154; s. 27, ch. 2004-64.