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2019 Florida Statutes

Requirement of labor; compensation; amount; crediting of account of prisoner; forfeiture; civil rights; prisoner not employee or entitled to compensation insurance benefits.
F.S. 946.002
946.002 Requirement of labor; compensation; amount; crediting of account of prisoner; forfeiture; civil rights; prisoner not employee or entitled to compensation insurance benefits.
(1)(a) The department shall require of every able-bodied prisoner imprisoned in any institution as many hours of faithful labor in each day and every day during his or her term of imprisonment as shall be prescribed by the rules of the department. Every able-bodied prisoner classified as medium custody or minimum custody who does not satisfactorily participate in any institutional work programs, correctional work programs, prison industry enhancement (PIE) programs, academic programs, or vocational programs shall be required to perform work for such political subdivisions of the state as might have entered into agreement with the department pursuant to s. 946.40.
(b) The department shall have as a continuous goal the reduction of inmate idleness in the prison system and shall incorporate this goal and that of maximizing the use of inmates while incarcerated in its strategic plan. A goal of the department shall be for all inmates, except those inmates who pose a serious security risk or who are unable to work, to work at least 40 hours a week. Until this goal can be accomplished, the department shall maximize the utilization of inmates within existing resources.
(2)(a) Each prisoner who is engaged in productive work in any state correctional institution, program, or facility under the jurisdiction of the department may receive for work performed such compensation as the department shall determine. Such compensation shall be in accordance with a schedule based on quality and quantity of work performed and skill required for performance, and said compensation shall be credited to the account of the prisoner or the prisoner’s family.
(b) Any monetary payments made directly to the prisoner shall be used in whole or in part to satisfy restitution ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction to the victim of the criminal act.
(c) It shall be the policy of the department to require inmates receiving compensation for work performed in community programs to reimburse the state for lodging, food, transportation, and other expenses incurred for sustaining the inmate. Reimbursement shall be according to rules promulgated by the department, which shall provide that the inmate retain only a minimal amount of money for personal items and shall take into consideration compensation that may be allocated for the support of the inmate’s family and for restitution for the victim of the crime committed.
(3) Said compensation shall be paid from the Department of Corrections Correctional Work Program Trust Fund. Whenever any price is fixed on any article, material, supply, or service, to be produced, manufactured, supplied, or performed in connection with the work program of the department, the compensation paid to the prisoners shall be included as an item of cost in the final price.
(4)(a) When any prisoner shall willfully violate the terms of his or her employment or the rules and regulations of the department, the department may in its discretion determine what portion of all moneys earned by the prisoner shall be forfeited by said prisoner and such forfeiture shall be redeposited to the Department of Corrections Correctional Work Program Trust Fund.
(b) When any prisoner escapes, the department shall determine what portion of the prisoner’s earnings shall be forfeited, and such forfeiture shall be deposited in the State Treasury in the Inmate Welfare Fund of the department.
(5) Nothing in this section is intended to restore, in whole or in part, the civil rights of any prisoner. No prisoner compensated under this section shall be considered as an employee of the state or the department, nor shall such prisoner come within any other provision of the Workers’ Compensation Act. 39, 40, ch. 57-121; s. 18, ch. 61-530; ss. 19, 35, ch. 69-106; ss. 2, 16, ch. 76-273; s. 253, ch. 77-104; ss. 61, 62, ch. 77-120; ss. 71, 72, ch. 79-3; s. 121, ch. 79-40; s. 11, ch. 85-288; s. 20, ch. 96-312; s. 1866, ch. 97-102; s. 2, ch. 99-260.
Note.Former ss. 944.49, 944.50.