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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Section 472.025, Florida Statutes 2006

472.025  Seals.--

(1)  The board shall prescribe, by rule, a form of seal to be used by all registrants holding valid certificates of registration, whether the registrants are corporations, partnerships, or individuals. Each registrant shall obtain an impression-type metal seal in that form; and all final drawings, plans, specifications, plats, or reports prepared or issued by the registrant in accordance with minimum technical standards set by the board shall be signed by the registrant, dated, and stamped with his or her seal. This signature, date, and seal shall be evidence of the authenticity of that to which they are affixed. Each registrant may in addition register his or her seal electronically in accordance with ss. 668.001-668.006. Drawings, plans, specifications, reports, or documents prepared or issued by a registrant may be transmitted electronically and may be signed by the registrant, dated, and stamped electronically with such seal in accordance with ss. 668.001-668.006.

(2)  It is unlawful for any person to stamp, seal, or digitally sign any document with a seal or digital signature after his or her certificate of registration has expired or been revoked or suspended, unless such certificate of registration has been reinstated or reissued. When the certificate of registration of a registrant has been revoked or suspended by the board, the registrant shall, within a period of 30 days after the revocation or suspension has become effective, surrender his or her seal to the secretary of the board and confirm to the secretary the cancellation of the registrant's digital signature in accordance with ss. 668.001-668.006. In the event the registrant's certificate has been suspended for a period of time, his or her seal shall be returned to him or her upon expiration of the suspension period.

(3)  No registrant shall affix or permit to be affixed his or her seal, name, or digital signature to any plan, specification, drawing, or other document which depicts work which he or she is not licensed to perform or which is beyond his or her profession or specialty therein.

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