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2009 Florida Statutes

Section 110.217, Florida Statutes 2009

110.217  Appointments and promotion.--

(1)(a)  The department, in consultation with agencies that must comply with these rules, shall develop uniform rules regarding appointment, promotion, demotion, reassignment, separation, and status which must be used by employing agencies. Such rules must be approved by the Administration Commission before their adoption by the department.

(b)  Employing agencies may seek exceptions to these uniform rules by filing a petition with the Administration Commission. The Administration Commission shall approve an exception when the exception is necessary to conform to any requirement imposed as a condition precedent to receipt of federal funds or to permit persons in this state to receive tax benefits under federal law, or as required for the most efficient operation of the agency as determined by the Administration Commission. The reasons for the exception must be published in the Florida Administrative Weekly.

(c)  Agency rules that provide exceptions to the uniform rules may not be filed with the Department of State unless the Administration Commission has approved the exceptions. Each agency that adopts rules that provide exceptions to the uniform rules or that must comply with statutory requirements that conflict with the uniform rules must have a separate chapter published in the Florida Administrative Code that delineates clearly the provisions of the agency's rules which provide exceptions or are based upon a conflicting statutory requirement. Each alternative chosen from those authorized by the uniform rules must be specified. Each chapter must be organized in the same manner as the uniform rules.

(2)  Each employing agency shall have the responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of rules and guidelines for determining eligibility of applicants for appointment to positions in the career service.

(3)  Eligibility shall be based on possession of required minimum qualifications for the job class and any required entry-level knowledge, skills, and abilities, and any certification and licensure required for a particular position.

(4)  The employing agency shall be responsible for developing an employee career advancement program which shall assure consideration of qualified permanent employees in the agency or career service who apply. However, such program shall also include provisions to bring persons into the career service through open competition. Promotion appointments shall be subject to postaudit by the department.

(5)  The department shall adopt any rules necessary to implement the provisions of this section. The rules must be approved by a majority vote of the Administration Commission prior to their adoption by the department.

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