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2009 Florida Statutes

Accounting practices; bad debts ineligible to be carried as assets.
Section 655.044, Florida Statutes 2009

655.044  Accounting practices; bad debts ineligible to be carried as assets.--

(1)  Except as otherwise provided by law, a state financial institution shall observe generally accepted accounting principles and practices. The commission may authorize by rule exceptions to such accounting practices as necessary.

(2)  A state financial institution, subsidiary, or service corporation may not carry as an asset any note, obligation, or security which it does not own absolutely or which is known by the state financial institution to be fraudulent or otherwise worthless; and a state financial institution may not carry as an asset, in any report to the office or in any published report, any note or other obligation which is past due or upon which no interest has been paid for 1 year or longer or which has been determined by the office to be a loss. However, past due paper may be carried to the extent of the reasonable value of any lien or other collateral given to secure such obligation; and, if the obligation is in the process of collection, it may be carried at its reasonable value as determined by the board of directors. The office may order the revision of any value so determined hereunder.

(3)  A financial institution shall keep at its main office correct and complete books of accounts, membership or stockholder records, and minutes of the proceedings of members, stockholders, directors, and the executive committee. Complete records of all business transacted at the main office shall be maintained at the main office. Control records of all business transacted at each branch office shall be accessible to the main office. Accessibility may be provided by physical retention of records or by electronic or other means.

(4)  Each branch office of a financial institution shall keep detailed records of all transactions at that office and shall furnish full control records to the main office. Records of such transactions may be furnished by electronic or other means.

(5)  The fiscal year of a financial institution shall end on the last day of December.

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