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2011 Florida Statutes

Suspension, revocation, and reinstatement of business and professional licenses.
F.S. 893.11
893.11 Suspension, revocation, and reinstatement of business and professional licenses.Upon the conviction in any court of competent jurisdiction of any person holding a license, permit, or certificate issued by a state agency, for sale of, or trafficking in, a controlled substance or for conspiracy to sell, or traffic in, a controlled substance, if such offense is a felony, the clerk of said court shall send a certified copy of the judgment of conviction with the person’s license number, permit number, or certificate number on the face of such certified copy to the agency head by whom the convicted defendant has received a license, permit, or certificate to practice his or her profession or to carry on his or her business. Such agency head shall suspend or revoke the license, permit, or certificate of the convicted defendant to practice his or her profession or to carry on his or her business. Upon a showing by any such convicted defendant whose license, permit, or certificate has been suspended or revoked pursuant to this section that his or her civil rights have been restored or upon a showing that the convicted defendant meets the following criteria, the agency head may reinstate or reactivate such license, permit, or certificate when:
(1) The person has complied with the conditions of paragraphs (a) and (b) which shall be monitored by the Department of Corrections while the person is under any supervisory sanction. If the person fails to comply with provisions of these paragraphs by either failing to maintain treatment or by testing positive for drug use, the department shall notify the licensing, permitting, or certifying agency, which shall revoke the license, permit, or certification. The person under supervision may:
(a) Seek evaluation and enrollment in, and once enrolled maintain enrollment in until completion, a drug treatment and rehabilitation program which is approved or regulated by the Department of Children and Family Services. The treatment and rehabilitation program shall be specified by:
1. The court, in the case of court-ordered supervisory sanctions;
2. The Parole Commission, in the case of parole, control release, or conditional release; or
3. The Department of Corrections, in the case of imprisonment or any other supervision required by law.
(b) Submit to periodic urine drug testing pursuant to procedures prescribed by the Department of Corrections. If the person is indigent, the costs shall be paid by the Department of Corrections; or
(2) The person has successfully completed an appropriate program under the Correctional Education Program.

This section does not apply to any of the taxes, fees, or permits regulated, controlled, or administered by the Department of Revenue in accordance with s. 213.05.

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