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2011 Florida Statutes

Airport zoning requirements.
F.S. 333.06
333.06 Airport zoning requirements.
(1) REASONABLENESS.All airport zoning regulations adopted under this chapter shall be reasonable and none shall impose any requirement or restriction which is not reasonably necessary to effectuate the purposes of this chapter. In determining what regulations it may adopt, each political subdivision and joint airport zoning board shall consider, among other things, the character of the flying operations expected to be conducted at the airport, the nature of the terrain within the airport hazard area and runway clear zones, the character of the neighborhood, the uses to which the property to be zoned is put and adaptable, and the impact of any new use, activity, or construction on the airport’s operating capability and capacity.
(2) INDEPENDENT JUSTIFICATION.The purpose of all airport zoning regulations adopted under this chapter is to provide both airspace protection and land use compatible with airport operations. Each aspect of this purpose requires independent justification in order to promote the public interest in safety, health, and general welfare. Specifically, construction in a runway clear zone which does not exceed airspace height restrictions is not evidence per se that such use, activity, or construction is compatible with airport operations.
(3) NONCONFORMING USES.No airport zoning regulations adopted under this chapter shall require the removal, lowering, or other change or alteration of any structure or tree not conforming to the regulations when adopted or amended, or otherwise interfere with the continuance of any nonconforming use, except as provided in s. 333.07(1) and (3).
(4) ADOPTION OF AIRPORT MASTER PLAN AND NOTICE TO AFFECTED LOCAL GOVERNMENTS.An airport master plan shall be prepared by each publicly owned and operated airport licensed by the Department of Transportation under chapter 330. The authorized entity having responsibility for governing the operation of the airport, when either requesting from or submitting to a state or federal governmental agency with funding or approval jurisdiction a “finding of no significant impact,” an environmental assessment, a site-selection study, an airport master plan, or any amendment to an airport master plan, shall submit simultaneously a copy of said request, submittal, assessment, study, plan, or amendments by certified mail to all affected local governments. For the purposes of this subsection, “affected local government” is defined as any city or county having jurisdiction over the airport and any city or county located within 2 miles of the boundaries of the land subject to the airport master plan.
History.s. 6, ch. 23079, 1945; s. 75, ch. 90-136; s. 76, ch. 2002-20.