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2019 Florida Statutes

Governor; promulgation and enforcement of emergency rules and regulations.
F.S. 14.021
14.021 Governor; promulgation and enforcement of emergency rules and regulations.
(1) The Governor of Florida is hereby authorized and empowered to promulgate and enforce such emergency rules and regulations as are necessary to prevent, control, or quell violence, threatened or actual, during any emergency lawfully declared by the Governor to exist. In order to protect the public welfare, persons and property of citizens against violence, public property damage, overt threats of violence, and to maintain peace, tranquillity, and good order in the state, these rules and regulations may control public parks, public buildings, or any other public facility in Florida and shall regulate the manner of use, the time of use, and persons using the facility during any emergency. These rules and regulations shall have the same force and effect as law during any emergency and shall affect such persons, public buildings, and public facilities as in the judgment of the Governor shall best provide a safeguard for protection of persons and property where danger, violence, and threats exist or are threatened among the citizens of Florida.
(2) Whenever the Governor shall promulgate emergency rules and regulations, such rules and regulations shall be published and posted during the emergency in the area affected, in addition to any other notice required by law.
(3) The Governor shall have emergency power to call upon the military forces of the state or any other law enforcement agency, state or county, to enforce the rules and regulations authorized by this law.
(4) The powers herein granted are supplemental to and in aid of powers now vested in the Governor of this state under the constitution, statutory laws, and police powers of said state.
(5) The provisions of this section shall continue in full force and effect until otherwise amended. 1-4, 6, ch. 31389, 1956; s. 1, ch. 61-239; s. 1, ch. 65-95; ss. 10, 35, ch. 69-106; s. 18, ch. 78-95; s. 33, ch. 95-147.