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2019 Florida Statutes

Definitions of terms used in ss. 381.00771-381.00791.
F.S. 381.00771
381.00771 Definitions of terms used in ss. 381.00771-381.00791.As used in ss. 381.00771-381.00791, the term:
(1) “Active license or registration” means a current license or registration issued by the department that is not suspended or revoked.
(2) “Department” means the Department of Health.
(3) “Guest tattoo artist” means a person who is licensed, registered, or certified to practice tattooing in a jurisdiction outside of this state who is registered with the department to practice tattooing in this state.
(4) “Operator” means a person designated by a tattoo establishment or temporary establishment to control the operation of the establishment.
(5) “Stop-use order” means a written notice from the department to a licensee or registrant requiring him or her to remove any tattooing equipment or supplies, or cease conducting any particular procedures, because the equipment or supplies are not being used or the procedures are not being conducted in accordance with ss. 381.00771-381.00791 or any rule adopted under those sections.
(6) “Tattoo” means a mark or design made on or under the skin of a human being by a process of piercing and ingraining a pigment, dye, or ink in the skin.
(7) “Tattoo artist” means a person licensed under ss. 381.00771-381.00791 to practice tattooing.
(8) “Tattoo establishment” means any permanent location, place, area, structure, or business where tattooing is performed.
(9) “Temporary establishment” means any location, place, area, or structure where tattooing is performed during, and in conjunction with, a convention or other similar event that does not exceed 14 consecutive days.
History.s. 1, ch. 2010-220.