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2020 Florida Statutes

F.S. 288.7015
288.7015 Appointment of rules ombudsman; duties.The Governor shall appoint a rules ombudsman, as defined in s. 288.703, in the Executive Office of the Governor, for considering the impact of agency rules on the state‚Äôs citizens and businesses. In carrying out duties as provided by law, the ombudsman shall consult with Enterprise Florida, Inc., at which point the department may recommend to improve the regulatory environment of this state. The duties of the rules ombudsman are to:
(1) Carry out the responsibility provided in s. 120.54(3)(b), with respect to small businesses.
(2) Review state agency rules that adversely or disproportionately impact businesses, particularly those relating to small and minority businesses.
(3) Make recommendations on any existing or proposed rules to alleviate unnecessary or disproportionate adverse effects to businesses.
(4) Each state agency shall cooperate fully with the rules ombudsman in identifying such rules. Further, each agency shall take the necessary steps to waive, modify, or otherwise minimize such adverse effects of any such rules. However, nothing in this section authorizes any state agency to waive, modify, provide exceptions to, or otherwise alter any rule that is:
(a) Expressly required to implement or enforce any statutory provision or the express legislative intent thereof;
(b) Designed to protect persons against discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, or marital status; or
(c) Likely to prevent a significant risk or danger to the public health, the public safety, or the environment of the state.
(5) The modification or waiver of any such rule pursuant to this section must be accomplished in accordance with the provisions of chapter 120.
History.s. 5, ch. 96-320; s. 67, ch. 2010-102; s. 171, ch. 2011-142; s. 45, ch. 2014-17.