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2023 Florida Statutes (including 2023C)

F.S. 1009.895
11009.895 Open Door Grant Program.
(1) ESTABLISHMENT; PURPOSE.The Open Door Grant Program is established and shall be administered by participating institutions in accordance with rules of the State Board of Education. The program is created to incentivize current and future workers to enroll in career and technical education that leads to a credential, certificate, or degree.
(2) ELIGIBILITY.In order to be eligible for the program, a student must:
(a) Meet the requirements under s. 1009.40(1)(a)2. and 3.;
(b) Be enrolled in an integrated education and training program in which institutions establish partnerships with local workforce development boards to provide basic skills instruction, contextually and concurrently, with workforce training that results in the award of credentials under s. 445.004(4) or a workforce education program as defined under s. 1011.80(1)(b)-(f) that is included on the Master Credentials List under s. 445.004(4); and
(c) Be enrolled at a school district postsecondary technical career center under s. 1001.44, a Florida College System institution under s. 1000.21(3), or a charter technical career center under s. 1002.34.

An institution may not impose additional criteria to determine a student’s eligibility to receive a grant under this section.

(3) GRANT AWARD.A student is eligible to receive a maximum award equal to the amount needed to cover 100 percent of tuition and fees, exam or assessment costs, books, and related materials for eligible programs after all other federal and state financial aid is applied. In addition, a student may receive a stipend of up to $1,500, or an amount specified in the General Appropriations Act, per academic year to cover other education expenses related to the institutional cost of attendance. The institution shall make awards and stipends subject to availability of funding. Returning students must be given priority over new students.
(a) For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, funding for eligible institutions must consist of a base amount provided for in the General Appropriations Act plus each institution’s proportionate share of full-time equivalent students enrolled in 2career and technical education programs. Beginning in fiscal year 2024-2025, the funds appropriated for the Open Door Grant Program must be distributed to eligible institutions in accordance with a formula approved by the State Board of Education. The formula must consider at least the prior year’s distribution of funds and the number of eligible applicants who did not receive awards.
(b) Subject to the appropriation of funds by the Legislature, the Department of Education shall transmit payment of grants to the institution in advance of the registration period. Institutions shall notify students of the amount of their awards.
(c) The eligibility status of each student to receive a disbursement must be determined by each institution as of the end of its regular registration period, inclusive of a drop-add period. Institutions may not be required to reevaluate a student’s eligibility status after this date for purposes of changing eligibility determinations previously made.
(d) Each term, institutions shall certify to the department within 30 days after the end of the regular registration period the amount of funds disbursed to each student. Institutions shall remit to the department any undisbursed advances for the fall, spring, and summer terms within 30 days after the end of the summer term.
(5) INSTITUTIONAL REPORTING.Each institution shall report to the department by the established date:
(a) The number of students eligible for the program for each academic term. Each institution shall also report to the department any necessary demographic and eligibility data for students; and
(b) 3Data from the previous fiscal year on program completion and credential attainment by students participating in the grant program that, at a minimum, includes:
1. A list of the programs offered.
2. The number of students who enrolled in the programs.
3. The number of students who completed the programs.
4. The number of students who attained workforce credentials, categorized by credential name and relevant occupation, after completing training programs.
(6) REPORTING.The department shall compile the data provided under paragraph (5)(b) and annually report such aggregate data to the State Board of Education.
(7) RULES.The State Board of Education shall adopt rules to implement this section.
History.s. 34, ch. 2021-164; s. 49, ch. 2022-154; s. 175, ch. 2023-8; s. 34, ch. 2023-81; ss. 3, 4, 87, ch. 2023-240.

A. Section 3, ch. 2023-240, amended s. 1009.895 “[i]n order to implement Specific Appropriation 59B of the 2023-2024 General Appropriations Act.”

B. Section 4, ch. 2023-240, provides that “[t]he amendments to s. 1009.895, Florida Statutes, made by this act expire July 1, 2024, and the text of that section shall revert to that in existence on June 30, 2023, except that any amendments to such text enacted other than by this act shall be preserved and continue to operate to the extent that such amendments are not dependent upon the portions of text which expire pursuant to this section.”

C. Section 87, ch. 2023-240, provides that “[i]f any other act passed during the 2023 Regular Session of the Legislature contains a provision that is substantively the same as a provision in this act, but that removes or is otherwise not subject to the future repeal applied to such provision by this act, the Legislature intends that the provision in the other act takes precedence and continues to operate, notwithstanding the future repeal provided by this act.” Section 34, ch. 2023-81, amended s. 1009.895 using language substantively the same as the amendment by s. 3, ch. 2023-240, and did not include a repeal provision.

2Note.As amended by s. 34, ch. 2023-81. The amendment by s. 3, ch. 2023-240, the appropriations implementing act, used the words “workforce education programs” instead of the words “career and technical education programs.”
3Note.The words “Submit a report with” preceding the word “Data” were deleted by the editors to improve clarity.