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2013 Florida Statutes

District school board instructional materials review process.
F.S. 1006.283
1006.283 District school board instructional materials review process.
(1) A school board or consortium of school districts may implement an instructional materials program that includes the review, approval, adoption, and purchase of instructional materials. Beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, the district school superintendent shall certify to the department by March 31 of each year that all instructional materials for core courses used by the district are aligned with applicable state standards. Included in the certification shall be a list of the core instructional materials that will be used or purchased for use by the school district.
(2) The school board shall adopt rules implementing the district’s instructional materials program which must include, but need not be limited to:
(a) Its review and purchase process.
(b) Identification of a review cycle for instructional materials.
(c) The duties and qualifications of the instructional materials reviewers.
(d) The requirements for an affidavit made by a district instructional materials reviewer which substantially includes the requirements of s. 1006.30.
(e) Compliance with s. 1006.32, relating to prohibited acts.
(f) A process that certifies the accuracy of instructional materials.
(g) The incorporation of applicable requirements of s. 1006.31, which relates to the duties of instructional materials reviewers.
(h) The incorporation of applicable requirements of s. 1006.38, relating to the duties, responsibilities, and requirements of publishers of instructional materials.
(i) The process by which instructional materials will be purchased, including advertising, bidding, and purchasing requirements.
(3)(a) The school board may assess and collect fees from publishers participating in the instructional materials approval process. The amount assessed and collected must be posted on the school district’s website and reported to the department. The fees may not exceed the actual cost of the review process, and the fees may not exceed $3,500 per submission by a publisher. Any fees collected for this process shall be allocated for the support of the review process and maintained in a separate line item for auditing purposes.
(b) The fees shall be used to cover the actual cost of substitute teachers for each workday that a member of a school district’s instructional staff is absent from his or her assigned duties for the purpose of rendering service as an instructional materials reviewer. In addition, each reviewer may be paid a stipend and is entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses and per diem in accordance with s. 112.061 for actual service in meetings.
(4) Instructional materials that have been reviewed by the district instructional materials reviewers and approved must have been determined to align with all applicable state standards pursuant to s. 1003.41 and the requirements in s. 1006.31. The district school superintendent shall annually certify to the department that all instructional materials for core courses used by the district are aligned with all applicable state standards.
(5) A publisher that offers instructional materials to a district school board must provide such materials at a price that, including all costs of electronic transmission, does not exceed the lowest price at which the publisher offers such instructional materials for approval or sale to any state or school district in the United States.
(6) A publisher shall reduce automatically the price of the instructional materials to the district school board to the extent that reductions in price are made elsewhere in the United States.
History.s. 2, ch. 2013-237.