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SB 2650: Elections


Elections; revises duties of Secretary of State as chief election officer; creates provision re award of attorney's fees & costs in proceedings challenging election or voter registration law; revises oath person must take to register to vote; revises financial disclosure requirement for candidate qualification; replaces paper ballots with marksense ballots & accompanying specifications, etc. Amends FS.

Effective Date: 01/01/2006
Last Action: 5/6/2005 Senate - Died in Committee on Ethics and Elections, Link/Iden/Sim/Compare passed, refer to HB 1567 (Ch. 2005-277), HB 1589 (Ch. 2005-278)
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  • Bill History

    Date Chamber Action
    3/8/2005 Senate • Filed
    3/30/2005 Senate • Introduced, referred to Ethics and Elections; Judiciary; Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations -SJ 00307
    5/6/2005 Senate • Died in Committee on Ethics and Elections, Link/Iden/Sim/Compare passed, refer to HB 1567 (Ch. 2005-277), HB 1589 (Ch. 2005-278)

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  • SB 2650, Original Filed Version (Current Bill Version) Posted 3/8/2005 at 1:02 PM

    Bill Text:   Web Page | PDF
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    S 2176 (c2) Electors & Elections Posey Compare Last Action: 5/3/2005 S Placed on Special Order Calendar -SJ 00886; Read second time -SJ 00837; Amendment(s) adopted -SJ 00838, -SJ 00853; Amendment(s) failed -SJ 00838, -SJ 00853; Substituted HB 1589 -SJ 00854; Laid on Table, Link/Iden/Sim/Compare passed, refer to HB 1589 (Ch. 2005-278), HB 1567 (Ch. 2005-277), HB 1591 (Ch. 2005-279)

    Citations - Statutes (81)

    Citation Catchline Location in Bill Location In Bill Help
    16.56 Office of Statewide Prosecution.
    97.012 Secretary of State as chief election officer.
    97.021 Definitions.
    97.051 Oath upon registering.
    97.052 Uniform statewide voter registration application.
    97.053 Acceptance of voter registration applications.
    97.055 Registration books; when closed for an election.
    98.045 Administration of voter registration.
    98.077 Update of voter signature.
    98.095 County registers open to inspection; copies.
    98.0979 Statewide voter registration database open to inspection; copies.
    98.181 Supervisor of elections to make up indexes or records.
    98.481 Challenge to electors.
    99.061 Method of qualifying for nomination or election to federal, state, county, or district office.
    99.063 Candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.
    99.092 Qualifying fee of candidate; notification of Department of State.
    99.095 Alternative method of qualifying.
    99.0955 Candidates with no party affiliation; name on general election ballot.
    99.096 Minor party candidates; names on ballot.
    100.011 Opening and closing of polls, all elections; expenses.
    100.101 Special elections and special primary elections.
    100.111 Filling vacancy.
    100.141 Notice of special election to fill any vacancy in office or nomination.
    101.031 Instructions for electors.
    101.043 Identification required at polls.
    101.048 Provisional ballots.
    101.049 Provisional ballots; special circumstances.
    101.051 Electors seeking assistance in casting ballots; oath to be executed; forms to be furnished.
    101.111 Person desiring to vote may be challenged; challenger to execute oath; oath of person challenged; determination of challenge.
    101.131 Watchers at polls.
    101.151 Specifications for ballots.
    101.171 Copy of constitutional amendment to be posted.
    101.253 When names not to be printed on ballot.
    101.294 Purchase and sale of voting equipment.
    101.295 Penalties for violation.
    101.49 Procedure of election officers where signatures differ.
    101.51 Electors to occupy booth alone; time allowed.
    101.5606 Requirements for approval of systems.
    101.5608 Voting by electronic or electromechanical method; procedures.
    101.5612 Testing of tabulating equipment.
    101.5614 Canvass of returns.
    101.572 Public inspection of ballots.
    101.58 Supervising and observing registration and election processes.
    101.595 Analysis and reports of voting problems.
    101.6103 Mail ballot election procedure.
    101.62 Request for absentee ballots.
    101.635 Distribution of blocks of printed ballots.
    101.64 Delivery of absentee ballots; envelopes; form.
    101.657 Early voting.
    101.663 Electors; change of residence.
    101.68 Canvassing of absentee ballot.
    101.69 Voting in person; return of absentee ballot.
    101.6923 Special absentee ballot instructions for certain first-time voters.
    101.694 Mailing of ballots upon receipt of federal postcard application.
    101.697 Electronic transmission of election materials.
    102.012 Inspectors and clerks to conduct elections.
    102.014 Poll worker recruitment and training.
    102.031 Maintenance of good order at polls; authorities; persons allowed in polling rooms; unlawful solicitation of voters.
    102.061 Duties of election board; counting; closing polls.
    102.071 Tabulation of votes and proclamation of results where ballots are used.
    102.111 Elections Canvassing Commission.
    102.112 Deadline for submission of county returns to the Department of State.
    102.141 County canvassing board; duties.
    102.166 Manual recounts.
    102.168 Contest of election.
    103.021 Nomination for presidential electors.
    103.051 Congress sets meeting dates of electors.
    103.061 Meeting of electors and filling of vacancies.
    103.121 Powers and duties of executive committees.
    104.051 Violations; neglect of duty; corrupt practices.
    105.031 Qualification; filing fee; candidate's oath; items required to be filed.
    105.035 Alternative method of qualifying for certain judicial offices and the office of school board member.
    106.085 Independent expenditures; unfair surprise prohibited; notice requirements; penalty.
    106.144 Endorsements or opposition by certain groups and organizations.
    106.22 Duties of the Division of Elections.
    106.24 Florida Elections Commission; membership; powers; duties.
    119.07 Inspection and copying of records; photographing public records; fees; exemptions.
    120.52 Definitions.
    145.09 Supervisor of elections.

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