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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 331.331
331.331 Revenue bonds.
(1) Revenue bonds issued by Space Florida shall not be deemed revenue bonds issued by the state or its agencies for purposes of s. 11, Art. VII of the State Constitution and ss. 215.57-215.83. Space Florida shall include in its annual report to the Governor and Legislature, as provided in s. 331.310, a summary of the status of existing and proposed bonding projects.
(2) The issuance of revenue bonds may be secured by or payable from the gross or net pledge of the revenues to be derived from any project or combination of projects, from the rates, fees, rentals, tolls, fares, or other charges to be collected from the users of any project or projects; from any revenue-producing undertaking or activity of Space Florida; or from any source of pledged security. Such bonds shall not constitute an indebtedness of Space Florida unless such bonds are additionally secured by the full faith and credit of Space Florida. Bonds issued by Space Florida are not secured by the full faith and credit of the State of Florida and do not constitute an obligation, either general or special, thereof.
(3) Any two or more projects may be combined and consolidated into a single project, and may thereafter be operated and maintained as a single project. The revenue bonds authorized herein may be issued to finance any one or more such projects separately, or to finance two or more such projects, regardless whether or not such projects have been combined and consolidated into a single project. If the board deems it advisable, the proceedings authorizing such revenue bonds may provide that Space Florida may thereafter combine the projects then being financed or theretofore financed with other projects to be subsequently financed by Space Florida shall be on a parity with the revenue bonds then being issued, all on such terms, conditions, and limitations as shall be provided, and may further provide that the revenues to be derived from the subsequent projects shall at the time of the issuance of such parity revenue bonds be also pledged to the holders of any revenue bonds theretofore issued to finance the revenue undertakings which are later combined with such subsequent projects. Space Florida may pledge for the security of the revenue bonds a fixed amount, without regard to any fixed proportion of the gross revenues of any project. 35, 61, ch. 89-300; ss. 7, 8, ch. 90-192; s. 6, ch. 90-361; s. 6, ch. 91-265; s. 75, ch. 99-385; s. 29, ch. 2006-60.